Sport and free time

Just a few meters away you can find a tennis court, which became popular by our local native tennis player and Wimbledon winner Petra Kvitová, who 'grew up' here.

Fulnek is located in the foothills of Oderské vrchy and not far from Beskydy mountain, what makes our hotel a great base for hiking or cycling trips.

Here we are offering few tips for your activities in surrounding areas:


A short distance from the hotel is the sport-recreational center HEIpark Tošovice. At the sport center you can enjoy various activities such as bobsled, rope and rock climbing and in the winter, skiing and other snow-park sports. For children there are trampolines and slides.



The Šance Dam Reservoir

The valley reservoir at the Ostravice railway stop originally intended as a protection against floods, later as a supply of potable water for the Ostrava industry and inhabitants was built in 1964-1969. Nowadays, the purpose of the water reservoir is particularly supplying potable water to inhabitants and protection against floods. Within an excursion you may visit the power station under the dam, a concrete tunnel in the dam and water tower.


museum Tatra Kopřivnice

The unique Technical Museum in Kopřivnice covers nearly a hundred and fifty-year-old history of the Tatra car factory since the time, when in 1897 the first car called Präsident was manufactured in Austria-Hungary. Passenger, sport and vehicles of the Tatra Brand, car frames, engines, a sport aircraft and other interesting objects are the biggest attraction for many visitors to the town.


The Ostravar Brewery

The first beer was racked in Ostravar in the spring of 1898. The premises of the brewery were built from typical red bricks. The brewery is in operation and the Brewery Museum has been open since 2000. You can learn about the individual processes of beer brewing with an expert’s commentary. The excursion ends by visiting the museum and tasting beer from the brewery’s production.



Kunín Chateau

The Kunín Chateua was built between 1726 and 1734 for the Earls of Harrach by the renowned Austrian Baroque architect Johann Lucas von Hilderbrandt. The greatest epoch in the chateau’s history bloomed at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries under the enlightened rule of its owner Marie Walburgy von Truchsess-Waldburg-Zielu, who erected here what was at that time one of the most modern educational institutes in Central Europe. Its most famous pupil was the later “Father of the Nation” and great Czech historian, František Palacký. Since 2000, the badly damaged chateau has been undergoing extensive reconstruction and its original chateau collections are gradually being returned.



The majestic top of Praděd (1491 m above the sea level) in the Hrubý Jeseník Mountain Range is a frequently visited destination attractive for tourists, which offers ideal conditions for winter and summer sports. In 1970-80 a multipurpose telecommunication tower was built on the top of the mountain, which is higher than 160m with the aerial addition and together with the height of the mountain, it is the highest point in the Czech Republic. When the weather is good, it is possible to see the Krkonoše Mountain as well as the High Tatras.


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